cpu You work hard to earn your fees. At PRM Billing, we work even harder to collect them.With 16 years in business, PRM Billing has a proven track record of increasing and accelerating cash flow for hardworking medical professionals. No other company matches our commitment to customer service, total transparency, and complete accountability. PRM Billing takes total responsibility for the financial health of your practice.
m1 We offer: 

icon_list  A complete revenue management system


icon_list  The highest collection rates in the industry


icon_list  Performance-based pricing


icon_list  Your own dedicated account manager


icon_list  Coders and an in-house Medicare consultant

The PRM system grows your revenues significantly by eliminating claim rejections, catching underpayments, and following every claim to a complete resolution. You’ll see more of the money you earned, and you’ll see it sooner: PRM reduces the billing-to-payment cycle by an average of 17 days for our clients. 
Entrust your profitability to the professionals at PRM. We’ll take care of the money so you can focus on delivering excellent   patient care.

Contact PRM today at (855) 817-0778 to learn more or book an onsite appointment at your practice.

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