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Our full-service cycle maximizes profit and cash flow

We understand that your practice needs a swift, reliable revenue stream in order to thrive. Serving physicians since 1995, we know that it takes more than a slick software package to make it happen. It takes the right people.

We make sure our clients are supported by a billing and collections team carefully chosen for their industry expertise and dedication to customer service. Your PRM team takes full responsibility for the financial health of your practice. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. This performance-based model keeps our operations lean and focused, and has helped us achieve one of the highest collection rates in the industry.

When you know the right people are handling your revenue cycle, you can relax and focus on what you do best- delivering excellent medical care.


Smooth Transitions

The result of years of experience, our transition
process is guaranteed to bring you on board swiftly and efficiently. You’ll see immediate cost savings, no payment delays and no claims “left behind”.


Personalized Service

We assign you a dedicated account manager who is directly responsible for your cash flow and profitability. Pick up the phone any time to ask questions or schedule an on-site meeting.

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Transparent Reporting

Check in on your team’s performance any time with online access to up-to-date financial statements and reports. You’ll always know exactly where you stand, and what we’re doing to protect your profitability.

PRM Services


Medicare Consultant

The Medicare system is complex, and eligibility requirements change rapidly. Our in-house, Medicare consultant ensures you’re fully reimbursed for all eligible services.

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Instant Verification

Our billing system lets you verify patient eligibility, co-payment and co-insurance amounts at the time of service. The result: lower per-patient costs, reduced claim rejections, and frictionless billing.

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Pre-Authorization Services

Prior to seeing a patient, our billing system lets you verify patient eligibility, co-payment and co-insurance amounts. The result: lower per-patient costs, reduced claim rejections, and frictionless billing.

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Electronic Records

Save time and space with PRM’s Electronic Medical Record services. Our system makes patient records more accessible, and streamlines the appeals and review process for even faster payment.

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Certified Coding

Reduce underpayments, denials, and post-payment audits by 50% or more* with PRM’s Claims Check system. Our certified coders perform hundreds of checks, including CPT/ICD-9 compatibility, modifier checks, and payer- specific edits.

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Staff Training

Your PRM Personal Account Manager regularly reviews denial trends and coding correlations with your office staff. By sharing expert insights with your staff, we can improve your billing process and increase reimbursement levels.

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Electronic Submission

PRM’s electronic claims submission service enables faster reimbursements from thousands of carriers nationwide including Workers’ Compensation, PIP insurance carriers (both primary and secondary payers), Medicare and Medicaid.

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Proactive Tracking

Our sophisticated claims tracking software enables us to trace each claim from submission to processing to payment for all participating carriers. By following regularly, our dedicated tracking agents shorten the reimbursement cycle and maximize revenues.

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Payment Notification

Choose to receive payment notification via hard copy printouts or electronic notifications. We can send notifications directly to your office, or have our accounting department process and post them for you.

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Diligent Follow-Up

Our commitment to you continues after payment. Your PRM team scrutinizes every claim for denials and underpayments, and follows up diligently to resolve unpaid or underpaid claims. We guarantee that no claim is left behind.

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Complete Record-Keeping

All claims correspondence is scanned and archived in your Client Correspondence database, allowing you to quickly and easily access a patient’s account and review the status of all claims and a complete record of actions taken.

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Corrections and Appeals

An estimated 25% of submitted line items are denied by insurance carriers, resulting in significant lost revenue for hardworking physicians. PRM specializes in recovering denied claims, achieving one of the highest correction and appeals collection rates in the industry.

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Patient Follow-Up

PRM offers a patient-friendly billing service to recover claim balances transferred to a patient’s responsibility. We send out monthly statements, provide a customer-service line for inquiries and payments, and follow up to confirm the contact details of patients who don’t respond to initial contact.